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First Nation Communities, Training Providers, Employers, Social Service Agencies and Youth actively contribute to the Two Eyed Seeing Network


Connect with the unlimited potential of First Nations Youth in BC.

The skills of the future are top of mind for those engaged in workforce development. What are they? Who will step in to fill those careers? And how can we be inclusive and relevant to youth seeking access to those opportunities?

Linkages between industry and Indigenous populations remain under-developed despite new economic opportunities. COVID-19 exacerbated these tenuous relationships as communities struggled to keep their services running and their populations safe. 


While Indigenous youth could provide a significant source of local labour to industries in BC, they are primarily disengaged, not well networked and often left out of conversations for the future of skills and training. 


We see their potential and the Two Eyed Seeing Network is engaging First Nations youth now to ensure they have a part in designing the future of work.

balances First Nations & Western perspectives

Taking a Two-Eyed Seeing approach means that we invite everyone to the table to network for change. Focusing on innovation, reciprocity, capacity building and honouring Indigenous ways of knowing and being in a modern climate. 

Meet the Network Advisory

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